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We need Suppliers who provides iPhone Replacement Parts(lcd-assembly,battery,flexcabels and so on) in Japan or in foreign country.
Please contact us if you have products.

We will appreciate
  • your Short LeadTime(its best if you have domestic delivery)
  • Shipping Cost
  • your Price (at least, less than Escrow Malls like Amazon, E-Bay or so.)
  • your Warranty
  • your Quality Disclosure(Brand-new or Refurbished ones)(Original-oem or Super-Copied, either will do.)
  • and We hate
  • Unreasonable denial to defectives
  • Poor Quality(especially about lcd-besel quality)
  • Our Payment will available via
  • Bank Ttansfer(available in Japan only)
  • Paypal
  • CryptCoins(BitCoin or MonaCoin, or so)
  • We are professional iPhone Repairment service provider,
    so you can avoid unreasonable claims and review.
    We really hope fair trade and our prolonging reciprocal relationshop.

    Best Regards.

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